The founder

1902. In the town of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Joan Roca Almirall is born, future founder of Cavas Monastell and father of the Roca Gibert brothers. After working as an ice dealer and in two cava-making companies, in 1921 he decided to start his own production.


The winery

For 20 years he made cava in a rental place, until he was able to start building his own winery. In 1941 he finished construction and they moved production to the new location, Cavas Monastell. Becoming one of the first 15 cavas of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia.


Roca Gibert

Joan in accounting and administration, Antonio responsible for production, Sadurní as a salesperson and the founder already in the background due to his age, the 2nd generation is located in the company. All of them managed to grow the winery considerably and place their cavas in stores throughout Spain.


Stop at the winery

The Roca Gibert brothers are 71, 63 and 61, respectively, and continue to work, but none of their children has wanted to dedicate themselves to the family business, and they do not have generational replacement. Finally, after 4 years of inactivity , they put the project in the hands of Victor Centellas Catasús.


3rd Generation

Victor Centellas Catasús , born in 1936 and cava maker since 1982 in a private and recreational way and professionally since 1993, takes charge of Cavas Monastell to give continuity to the project and continue to grow his passion for cava and the business world.


New Generation

With the intention of growing the winery, opening the market and making the product known, 2 of the brothers – sons of Victor – of the family join the team. With this new incorporation, the operation of the company is renewed and rethought with new ideas and a fresher, more current and global vision of the winery.