Family Production

Roca Gibert is a family business. This helps us to be in direct contact with the production process and to prioritize work and craft production ; treating each bottle individually, with the utmost care, and taking into account all details and finishes .

Only by working in this way, we can be totally proud of our cavas. Demonstrating trust and respect towards the product and at the same time towards the people who trust Roca Gibert.

Details we take care of:

Flower must

We make our cavas only with flower must, also called tear must, the result of the first pressing of the grape. It is the highest quality, aromatic and fruity one.

Optimal ageing

We give the optimal ageing time to each type of cava. In addition, all our cavas exceed the minimum ageing times set by the Regulatory Council. Thus, we guarantee that the cava produced meets our quality standard.

Recently disgorged

Disgorgement is a traditional technique that consists of expelling the yeasts (sediment) from the bottle before consumption. In this way, we advise that the cava passes the most time in our wineries in contact with the yeasts and arrives in optimal conditions for the tasting.

No added sulfites

Our goal is to produce honest and transparent products. That is why we do not add sulphites or any other type of preservative when disgorging our Brut Nature cavas. In this way we obtain a healthier, more natural product that the body assimilates better.

Traditional calendar

We respect the times of the year and the times of each process to take maximum care of the raw material. Only then do we take advantage of all its qualities and transfer them to our cellars.

Preserved vertically

We always preserve the cava vertically once it has been cut, to reduce contact with the stopper. Thus, given the possibility of a cork with TCA, we prevent the cork flavor from developing and transferring to the cava.

The best stopper

There are different stoppers, we use the one with two cork washers, this being the most respectful of the product. With this stopper, the cava only comes into contact with a 100% natural cork sheet.

Raw material selection

We select our blends in three different climatic zones of the Penedès, where each variety is best adapted: Macabeo in high areas of more than 300 meters of altitude, Xarel·lo in regions between 150 and 250 m of altitude and Parellada in vineyards closer to the sea, with an altitude of between 60 and 100 m.

Annual bottling

We bottle only once a year: at the beginning of February. It is the ideal time to bottle due to the cool winter temperatures. In addition, the annual harvest has just finished the first fermentation and has already been transformed into a base wine: it is ready to bottle, carry out the second fermentation and the subsequent ageing that will transform it into Cava.